Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evan's Triathalon

Evan just participated in and completed his first triathalon here in OKC. He really liked it and is now training for another one in August. He finished in 1.5 hours, and so he is training hard to take off about 15 minutes for the next one. While Evan was a big fan...Kale was not. :) We had to wake him up at 5am just to get there to sign in and really all Kale wanted to do was sit at home and watch "Dora" his new favorite show! :) While Evan participated, Kale cried and whined almost the whole time and really begged to go into the pool! Finally right after Evan finished he passed out and took a nap. Hopefully the next one will be more fun and entertaining for Kale...hopefully there will be a playground or something fun for him to do. However, I am really happy that Evan has found something that he likes to do.

Kale playing with the drinking fountain...he wont drink out of it but does enjoy pushing the button. :)

Kale passed out... ( I had to carry him to the car asleep...I felt like I had just done a triathalon...he is getting SO heavy!)

Trying to pass the time...

Evan's Triathalon pics:




Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had so much fun this Memorial Day weekend! It felt as if we were on the go the whole time. We started out with fun in the pool and bbq's with Jen, Aaron and Tristan. The boys had lots of fun playing in the pool. Kale went crazy and loved running around and splashing. Saturday night we had another bbq and water playdate with some friends of ours Keith and Natalie Hudkins and their boys David and Andrew. Kale has so much fun playing with boys his age...or a little older. He is normally surrounded by a bunch of girls! :) On Sunday, the "big pool" in our complex opened so we took Kale in it for the first time this warm season. He loved jumping in and using his big boy floaties! Later that day Evan's parents came into town to spend the day with us. We decided to go to the zoo. It was a ton of fun. Kale really loves animals and loves to hear them making sounds and he tries to copy them. We were surprised to find out that Kale is afraid of snakes. We took him into the building where all the snakes were and he loved saying "snake" everytime he saw one...until we got the the giant anaconda :) He then decided he had enough of snakes and starting whining and crying to go bye bye. I thought it was funny that he wanted to go to me when he was afraid of the snakes...bc Evan can definately run faster to get away if need be. But we decided it was because I would be running and Evan would hang back to look at the snakes if they got out! Overall we had a GREAT Memorial day weekend!

Kale decided that the dog bowl was a lot more interesting to play in than the pool!

Kale feeding Grandma fishies!

Kale with his lovely 80's feathered out hair, thanks to daddy and the air compressor!

Kale's first time in the pool with his "big boy floaties"

Kale going crazy in the little pool and kicking water all in Tristan's face...

Kale said no more to the birds!

Kale looking at the black bear.

Kale and daddy playing with the gorilla!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tornado Siren...

This May was the first time Kale has heard the tornado siren and been interested in what it first it really scared him and he came running to us. After a minute or so he became interested and kept looking out the window and copying the sound. He also really loves watching the rain from his playroom windows. Here are a few pics from that day...and if I can figure out how to do it there will also be a video :)
Kale checking out the rain falling from the rain gutter...
Kale watching the rain:
Kale wondering..."what the heck is that noise..."
First he was scared of the siren....(Vader gets freaked...he doesnt like sirens) :)


(its short...but you can barely here him copying the siren) :)


A day at the zoo...

We had such a fun time today playing at the new Children's Zoo in OKC. Kale's favorite part of the zoo is now the waterfall and river. He does not care about going to see the animals he just wants to make sure that we are going to go to the "wa-wa" (his name for water). We went with Shea (Kale's gf :)), Tristan (Kale's cousin) and Cooper (Kale's friend), and had an excellent time. Here are a few pics of the kids playing in the water...